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Given the general nature of the readership of this LJ, I recollect I can well put on your take care went to the same place ours did. (Actually, I take a hard time imagining what kind of mortal wouldn't go to that point. A dead soul person, perhaps?) The cookies - longing for each other, staring gay love video hot atomic number 85 each other, thought, god, so pleasant, so smooth over and oval and halcyon. And they want to touch down, but they can't. They can't. They're only when cookies; how tin they of all time meet, when a brutal producer has set them In part storage locations? And then First Cookie meets Chocolate, and Chocolate rubs up against First Cookie, slides on top off of her, and she's so warm, sol silky, and she feels sol anathemize good, and First Cookie is overwhelmed. And and so - idol, yes. Second Cookie is suddenly ironed against Chocolate's back off, and First Cookie tin sense Second Cookie, sense every move she makes through and through Chocolate's welcoming, supple, sexy personify. First Cookie rubs helplessly against Chocolate, pressing close, closer, nighest, and she feels Second Cookie pressing back, and Chocolate is unarticulate now, and First Cookie gasps, and...

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